Auction for Sandy Hook Relief Fund.

Eddie Ortega is auctioning off the DIY Groper he bought. As stated in the listing:

"I have decided to list my Groper on eBay to help support the families impacted by the devastating incident that took place in Connecticut.....100% of it will go to United Way of Western Connecticut."

While I (Rich) am not sponsoring this auction myself, I have known Eddie for a number of years, and I fully support his good-natured effort to make a small difference in the face of such a horrific act.

Posting something like this was not something I had planned on doing, because I feel nothing I say can even compare to how I (and how we all) must feel during such a tragedy.

This incident hits particularly close to home for me, both literally and figuratively. I live about 10 minutes from Sandy Hook elementary, and I have a son the same age as the Children in those classrooms who had their lives taken from them far too soon. My Son's school was in immediate lockdown, and initial reports had put a second person of interest heading into my home town. And while those reports were incorrect, thankfully, the panic and helpless feeling is not something anyone should feel.

I am lucky that I can go home and hug my children extra tight, and tell them how much I love them.

Please, consider supporting Eddie's effort to make a small difference, and bid on his customized piece.

Thank you, Eddie, this is a very kind gesture.


The listing can be found here:

One of a kind Resin Model Groper


Check out Groper at DCon - Mana Studios' Booth #607

 Hey Everyone! I am very excited to announce there will be a Designer Con exclusive for Groper!

As many of you know, this piece was produced at Mana Studios in Orange, CA. They're a small studio, but jam packed with talent, and this will be the first official release for Groper! (Concept edition will be shipping in just over 2 weeks). Groper was shown around NYCC a bit, and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

These will only be available at the MANA STUDIOS booth # 607, so be sure to swing by, say hi to these amazing artists, and pick one up for yourself! This DCon exclusive colorway will be limited to a run of 10, so be sure to grab one quick!



Update & NYCC Review

It's been a bit since posting. With a little more focus on work, we're moving into crunch & OT on our next film "Epic". I've had a bunch of stuff going on.

Gropers are well into production, and are still on target for their mid-November release. I was able to attend my third NYCC this year, and I met a ton of really great people in the toy scene. It's great putting faces to the twitter names.  John "spanky" Stokes @spankystokes, Benny Kline @tenacioustoys, Rich Page @umetoys, Adam Pratt @s_a_monster, Carson Catlin @carsoncatlin to name a few. I also had the pleasure of briefly meeting George & Ayleen Gaspar @GeorgeGaspar & @AyleenGaspar and just wish I had a chance to talk to them a bit more and let them know how much I like their site.  (How's that for name dropping? )

In all seriousness, these are people I've seen and taken note of in my short time fumbling through this industry. I have to say they are some of the nicest and most welcoming people I have met so far. It made this year's NYCC really special for me.  Be sure to check each of them out, you'll find great people & some amazing work.

I want to show off some of my stuff in the hands of a few people in particular, and give some recognition to the folks who have helped me dive head first into making toys. I wish I had more pics of me with these guys. It always feels worse than it should asking for that awkward pic, like i'm some drooling buffoon who snuck backstage at a concert, and croaking out: "uhh, can I take a picture with you?!"

Spanky Stokes.  www.spankystokes.com

Spanky stepped up from day one offering help and sound advice. He's on top of this stuff, and won the DTA for best blog. It's jam packed with new content every day, to the point where I have to schedule time to keep up with it all...He runs a tight ship. He's also been at the front of the line when it comes to supporting Groper, and I really appreciate it.

Benny Kline & Tenacious Toys  tenacious-toys.blogspot.com
Benny is in the same boat as Spanky, offering advice, and his time filling me in on some of the ins and outs before my toy even got going. After meeting him at NYCC, I can tell he's in it for the love of it, and genuinely wants everyone around him to be involved. He's been another huge supporter of Groper, and it's been a tremendous help. I swung him a DIY version, and he had great things to say about it. After it being shown around at the tenacious booth, Adam Pratt picked it up to start customizing it on the spot. More on that later. Below is me talking to Adam when he was checking out Groper.

Rich Page @umetoys
My first official sale where merch and money changed hands, and then quickly turned into a trade. I picked up one of these for myself, and it quickly found it's way to my mantle at home. A sort of peace offering to my wife for unleashing me for ComicCon, and letting me spend stupid amounts of money.

Now that I compare the markings, I actually think I have the same cat in the middle here. Love the style. Rich was SUPER nice, and was really looking forward to customizing Groper. It was great speaking with him, and I only wish I had more time to just hang out and chat. Maybe next year? Maybe he and I can collaborate on something in the future. Who knows!? Here are the pics of the customized Groper. As jacked up as his mouth is, I never pictured him bloodied. This came out great!

....So freakin' cool.

Adam Pratt @s_a_monster
He loves painting and customizing toys. And he's great at it. Again, just a straight up good guy, and a talented artist. I snagged a few pics, but will upload more as I get them. Here are some things I was checking out over his shoulder, and some shots of his Groper for TenaciousToys. Seeing him with pupils really freaks me out. (in a good way).

Carson Catlin @carsoncatlin  memakepretty.com 
I just want to plug Carson's work. It's awesome. He's one of the people I wish I could have talked with more. Check out his work HERE

I mean, really?  This stuff is so good, it keeps me up at night. Here's one example, make sure to check out more!



Thank you!!

Thanks to everyone who has picked up "Groper" during this first week! I'm really looking forward to getting him out there and into your hands! It really has been a great experience so far, and everything from this first run goes into making another from the series.  Thanks again, and help spread the word!!


Tenacious Toys features "Groper"

I received a great initial review from Ahren over at Tenacious Toys! With this post by Ahren, and the advice from Benny, these guys have really been a huge step up as I have tried to get this whole thing off the ground.  Be sure to check out their home on the internet over at http://tenacious-toys.blogspot.com/  & http://www.tenacioustoys.com/


Triplikid & Groper featured on SpankyStokes.com

I had the good fortune of being mentioned on SpankyStokes.com. Spanky has been extremely helpful during the production of my first designer toy, and I am really excited to be mentioned on his site along with so many great artists & creators. Be sure to check out http://www.spankystokes.com for the latest releases and news.

Here's a direct link to the Groper info. Blurb on Spanky Stokes about Triplikid's first release: Groper.

Triplikid Store now LIVE!

After a long wait, the time is finally here!  We're excite to release "Groper" in pre-order until October 5th. There are a few options to choose from in the store ranging from the Original Concept version, a Grey Maquette version and DIY / Assembly Required version.

We're looking to ship these guys out Mid November so get your orders in soon!

*Please note the shipping FAQ if purchasing outside of the US.

The Store can be found by clicking on the link to the right, or going HERE

Thanks for checking it out!!


From concept to completion.

Just got my final previews in!  And short of any little tweaks, this is it!  I'll be selling the "Groper - Concept Edition"  & a "Paint it yourself" (primed grey) versions in the store very soon.


Stamps / Pouches are in

The stamps and pouches are in!  They did a great job on them. Now to do some tests prints!


Mockup for Packaging

Doing a full on box with clam-shell insert could be very cool, but for the most part it would end up being wasteful since my guess is most people would end up throwing that part away.

We looked into alternatives and came across these muslin pouches. They looked awesome and are functional at the same time. Here was the mock-up I put together about a week ago.

Each one in the series will have it's own custom stamp on the front based on the initial concept, and Triplikid logo on the back. Here's the first for Groper.


Lanate Lineup.

A quick size comparison of the planned series. Designs will probably be tweaked a bit to make them a bit more interesting in terms of posing or overall form, but this is the basic idea.


The Initial Idea.

Creating a toy wasn't something that was completely on my radar a few years ago. I loved the look of so many toys, but just like before I became an animator, it's not something I considered doing right away.

Fast forward to NYCC 2010 (my first comicon). I was still relatively new to living near New York, so I decided to check it out. I came across so many amazing artists and it finally dawned on me. "Holy crap, people actually MAKE these things!" To keep a very long story short, I didn't dig much deeper, and my inspirado eventually fell to the back burner. 

Work and life took over. 2 Films & 2 Kids later, I found myself wondering how people go about making these things. I had started poking around a bit and as I looked into it more and more, interest reared its head and it became something I REALLY wanted to do. It would be amazing to have something from my imagination sitting in my hands.

In animation (and many creative fields), toys litter the desks of the artists. They serve not only as decoration, but inspiration for so many of us.

While sitting at my desk during one of my playblasts (when you render you animation for preview), I started sketching. Using primitive shapes, I wanted to see what kind of forms would come out of it. After a minute or two I had a very rough sketch that I thought was pretty cool.

It was a quick sketch that I didn't give very much thought to initially, but decided to do one a day for the rest of the week. *Note - I will not be including the second sketch, since I've since dropped him from any plans I have of making it into the series.

Over the rest of the week, I did one a day, and here are the other 3 that I thought had some promise.

Someone, at some point suggested making them into a toy series. Great!  I finally had my subject right in front of me! I knew someone who had gone through the process, so I decided to see how it went for him. He gave me his story, and the ups and downs of dealing with a company in China. His sculpt came out very good, but I wasn't sure that was the direction I wanted to go. Many of those companies require you to order 1000, and I wasn't ready to take that leap just yet.

I came across a small company in California, and after emailing an inquiry, and making a few phone calls, I was starting to get the ball rolling on the project. They were very informative, helpful, I could do a short run, and wouldn't it completely break the bank.

I chose the Blue guy because I liked the simplicity of his form (and I'm sure you've seen other creatures like it), and his overall attitude.

We decided to take the plunge and kick the project off. As of this post we're 2-3 weeks from seeing a final painted proof and interest in the project has been great!

So what's next?

So if I can sell my first run of 40 out, I'll be able to take the next step and make another one of these guys. I'm torn between green and yellow, but I am leaning towards the green. I love the look of glassy black eyes, and the height contrast will look great against the shorter Blue (Groper).


Solid Color Poll

If interested in buying a solid color variation, what color would you like to see? (you'll have to prime them yourself for painting)

*Edit:  Yes!  I love green and yellow. (green happens to be my favorite color.) But if I can fund the next two in the series, that's what color they'll be, which is why they were left off the list.*


New Twitter Set Up

Follow project happenings on twitter at @triplikid or click the button to the right to keep up with the latest news!


Store Posted & Live ---------->

My store is up and running, however, you will notice there is no inventory yet. Once I get a painted proof, i'll post that in the shop.

"Groper" the first in the Lanate Series is coming!

I just received the prototype for my first toy in the mail, and once I give him a good look over, he'll be on his way to go into production. The first run will be cast resin, fully painted, and will stand 3.5 inches tall. He's looking great, and I can't wait for everyone to see the final product!


Bear with us while we sort everything out!  As always, any inquiries can be sent to info@triplikid.com !