Clutter Groper: Behind the Scenes

I wanted to share a few production pics from the good people over at Mana Studios. When creating the Clutter Groper, we wanted to make sure it was just right, and hit the mark in terms of color, design and workmanship. I really feel like they knocked it out of the park with this one. There's a good flow in terms of the production of Groper, now that we've done a couple of runs together, in particular, the Original Blue, 2012 DCon Edition, and now the exclusive Clutter Magazine Groper.

So here they are!


Exclusive Clutter Groper Released!!

Yesterday, the good people over at Clutter Magazine released an exclusive Groper. Cast in Clutter Pink, he's stunning to look at. Limited to only 25 Pieces worldwide, there aren't many of these to go around.

Here is the blurb from Clutter's site. "Clutter Magazine is excited to announce an exclusive Pink Colorway of Triplikid's frusturated little beast, The Groper!Designed by Richard Fournier (aka Triplikid) and cast in resin by Mana Studios, each of these have been hand-painted and have both the Triplikid and Clutter logos underfoot!"

They're only available through the Clutter website HERE, be sure to pick one up quick! Because once they're gone, there won't be any like this again!


Kathleen Voigt - Yeti Groper & QA.

I heard big things were coming. I heard that this one was going to be bigger than "Heartsy Fartsy", by Kathleen Voigt, in her second time out customizing groper. So when I received her email saying she was finished, I was floored by what I saw inside! Not only did she customize groper into a Yeti, but she gave him a snowy base to tromp around on and dead goat to tote around. Haha. I decided to pose a few questions to Kathleen to see what she had to say.

Be sure to check out all the pics below this quick Q&A!

Tell us a bit about yourself?
I am a 27 year young, self taught artist from Germany. I actually graduated after a 3 year apprenticeship at the age of 19 in a business of the corporate world and worked there for 5 more years until i moved to the Sunny State of Florida in 2009, and have been able to let my creative side fully flourish since then. My artwork expresses pretty much the person I am – shiny, happy and colorful all the way. ^_^

What is your sculpting / painting background?
I found my passion for sculpting about 3.5 years ago, shortly after i found out about Designer Toys and their different DIY platforms, which is the reason i tried out sculpting in the first place! But more on that later... Until that point, i used to draw and paint in my spare time and now enjoy the beauty of both skills combined in my pieces.

I am also fascinated with the beauty of Mother Nature and Mythology / Fantasy, which most often reflects in my work of whimsically big eyed, cartoony, yet still realistic pieces of art on different media (canvas, paper, sculptures).

What draws you to designer toys?

Since my early childhood I had a big interest in art and also never lost the child in me. Designer Toys are simply the perfect combo of 3-D art and playfulness and just a wonderful way to decorate your home with relatively affordable artwork from such a huge variety of amazing Designers and Artists. With a bit over 150 pieces, I might not have the biggest collection, but I really enjoy looking at my little guys all around the house day in and day out :)

You can see them all here on Rotocasted btw., a wonderful online library for Designer Toys


How many customs have you done?
Good question! Let me think and count in my head for a second...Ok, here in order they come:

First DYI platform was a Raffy, then a 8 inch Qee, 3 mini Doppelganger as 1 piece, 3 x 7 inch Munnies, 1 Mini Munny, 2 GROPERS ;) and right now i am working on my very first 3 inch Dunny Custom.
Sooo, that is a total of 10. But i can assure you, with time, many more will come.

This is your second groper sculpt. You've gone way over the top both times. What about groper inspires you?
I actually hadn't worked on any custom toys in over a year, since I focused a bit more on drawing/coloring. But then back in January, a very good friend of mine secretly ordered me one of your Gropers and when i opened the package I was baffled about this awesome figure and was hooked right away! I needed to get working on it immediately!

First of all, the quality if this thing is just superb as it is a solid, heavy resin piece with so much detail  especially the hair/fur was so striking, that i sat there and ran my fingers over Groper's back several times and basically "pet" him. I also love the fact, that the hands and teeth come separately, which doesn't only give me so many more customizing possibilities, but also makes the painting process so much easier! (*These are the reasons he's sold this way.*)

He is just such a goofy, little bit perverted character, that i can't get tired of him and i really want to do a third Groper Custom. (*Don't we all?!*)

You run an etsy site too, what can people find there?
A while back I had some of my own resin figures on there, but due to the very limited runs of only 1 to 3 pieces, the bigger pieces are sold out at this time and a couple of them are placed at a gallery in Miami.

My store has a  have a few mini Owls left and besides that, it offers Magnets and wearable Art. All my Items are handmade, all one of a kind, colorful hand painted and with love to the detail.

I also opened a shop on Storenvy.com for my upcoming Customs, but at this time i haven't any items listed on there.


Really great answers!  Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself, and even more thanks for helping support Triplikid through your work. Ok, finally, some pics!!



Personal Work

Can't wait to see what else you do!!  Thanks again!!


Venom Groper - Concept and first sculpt pass

I love villains. The bad guys always appeal to me more than the heroes. So of course when creating groper, I envisioned one day creating a Venom custom. Crazy teeth and mouth would just lend itself so well to it.. I've had this quick doodle done over a groper pic for a while. I finally carved out a bit of time and took a first pass on him. Here it is!

Super quick idea pass to see if it would even work.

 Small tongue armature.
 I had to pull back on the tongue a bit, but i'm happy with the overall shape it took on.
More coming soon!


2 New Characters chosen for production

So, after a bit of a hiatus, i'll be teaming up with Mana Studios again and will be producing 2 more figures within the next calendar year. They'll be based off of my Happy Monster & Amphibian guard sketches. Look for these guys to be even bigger and badder than Groper. We're pushing the look, scale and accessories with these 2. I can't wait for you all to check em out, and my hopes are to have them ready for a New York ComiCon release.

A couple new end of the day sketches.

Sketching at the end of the day is a great way to unwind. Here are a couple recent efforts. I may actually go back into these and tighten up some of the form, but here they are, warts and all!! Thanks for checking them out!


The Loneliest Dragon


A few sketches.

I haven't been drawing very much lately. Real life has taken over a bit and needs more of my attention, which I am happy to give. But things like drawing and my toy work need to take a back seat in the meantime. However, I find a few minutes here and there, and have gotten a few things I think are decent. Here they are!

Custom Groper: Hatch Tarr

Coming at us with a Groper that could have been a sidekick to Flash Gordon or Captain Kirk, Hatch Tarr brings out a metallic silver custom.  Hatch was one of the first to jump on board and support Triplikid, he does a radio show and you can check him out over at http://lopradio.com/ . Thanks for all the support, Hatch! He looks GREAT!


Custom Groper: Kathleen Voigt

Man! The creativity that people bring to the table NEVER ceases to amaze me. Once again, someone takes the base platform and goes bigger with it. Meet: "Heartsy Fartsy"

From the Artist:
"It's all about Love, Baby!" ...Those are his Words every time, he greets his Friends while making a Hand Heart. He is quite the "special" little Fella, thinks he's a total Bad ass and always stinks up the Short Bus with his Farts. But nobody gets ever mad at him, because he "produces" butt nuggets in the Shape of cute little Hearts. His fucked up crooked Teeth needed some Attention, so he got a pair of Braces and he's showing them off quite proudly!

Definitely a unique take on the Groper Platform, and over here at Triplikid we LOVE it. Check out the pics below!
Be sure to check her other work out at http://www.etsy.com/Shop/SeriouslySillyGirls and give her a follow on twitter at