Trying to paint my very own Groper

Here are some pics of my "Tiger Groper".  Not bad for a first attempt. Thanks for looking!!

Spanky Stokes Reviews: Groper

File this under "I can't believe I forgot to post this!"

This review was originally posted   -------------->HERE<----------  on Spanky Stokes' website. John "spanky" Stokes has been one of the, if not THE biggest supporter of mine....only rived by my Mother. Haha. It's a great review, and he runs a great site. Please swing by that way after you're done here, and check out other awesome reviews.

I first met Richard Fournier aka 
Triplikid at NYCC 2012 where he showed off his brand new resin figure titled "Groper"... and hot damn did it look amazing in person! Well, he sent one over for us to review, and just like the first time we saw it, we fell in love with this little figure all over again. This fierce little monster stands 3.5" inches tall, was designed by Richard, modeled and cast up by the super talented folks over at Mana Studios! Since the inception of this figure there have been a few different iterations or colorways -if you will- that have been released, and Rich sent over the "Concept" edition for us to review! It's a really nicely designed figure and the design, paint, and overall aesthetic is on point. The paint is immaculate, and one thing that stands out is the yellow to white gradation on the teeth... making them eerily real. It started out as rotocast resin, but has now been upgraded to a solid piece... and as you can see in the above video the finished product is very polished... and this particular version is just $65... a great deal!

Watch live streaming video from spankystokes at livestream.com

After seeing these up close and personal, I would recommend snaggin one of these up asap, and if you head over HERE now, there are multiple options, at all price points for your purchasing pleasure. I personally like the DIY and for those of you with airbrush skills... well, let's just say you will have a field day with all the great texture on this monster! Oh, and if you go now, there still may be a few D-Con limited edition variations available... a cool colorway indeed! I look forward to many more figures from Rich, as his designs are really nice... and how can you not like a little 3-fingered figure that is ready to grope?!?!


Necro-Monkey's Custom Painted Groper

We got another set of images in for a custom painted Groper. This time coming in from the talented Michael Schultz, aka: Necro-Monkey. He ended up putting REAL porcupine quills in, and I LOVED that idea, since my initial sketch I pictured some quills or longer more coarse hair coming like whiskers coming out. He pulled it off with flying colors. Here are some images from his take on Groper!!!

Marking Where the holes will go

Marked off post drilling


Base coats

A little more detail


Adding Quills

 And lots of pics looking awesome!

Great job!! Check him out!!



Already used!  Next one will be released at 120.

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Triplikid's Groper on "Toy Break"

In this week's episode of Toy Break, they went over a bunch of new toys including our very own Groper!  I had the pleasure of meeting George and Ayleen back in October at NYCC. They were both extremely nice to speak with and I only wish I could have chatted with them longer. They gave us a great review, and touched on so many points that this character was designed around.

A lot of thought went into how this character was constructed. As a CG Animator, my day to day is spent in a 3d world. I wanted to bring that same aesthetic and appeal to my little guy. The Fur, the stance and balance, down to the relief in the mouth and adding dentures as a solution were all things that were carefully discussed and I feel came out perfectly.

Great eye for them to pick up on this stuff, and I am very glad they noticed. It made the entire process that much more rewarding.

Be sure to check out the episode here  TOY BREAK.

**The segment on Groper starts at about 22 minutes in.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Time flew this year as we launched and got our feet under us, no matter how unstable it seemed at times.

What started out as a quick sketch to kill some time turned into a great creative outlet. With the release of Groper, my first designer toy in the books, I'm already looking ahead to future projects.

I have to give huge thanks to Jay Garcia and the great group of people over at Mana Studios. They have seen the project through and helped me turn out a toy that I am very proud of. The work they do is top notch, and I would recommend them to anyone.

We opened up some new outlets to keep in touch with people who like our artwork. You can now find us on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and on Instagram.

So what has happened since out last toy related post? Well, we received a whole bunch of Gropers in the mail.

They Look great! To date we have seen a few amazing customization jobs which I'll try to post in the upcoming days. We shipped out our first 20 or so orders, and they've started to make their way around.

BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us and encouraged us to follow this new found passion. Please help us spread the word!

Here's to a great 2013!

Groper's Photo Shoot

After getting our complete shipment in, we decided to take a few more photos to show these little guys off.




Concept Edition


 2012 DCon Exclusive