Spanky Stokes Reviews: Groper

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This review was originally posted   -------------->HERE<----------  on Spanky Stokes' website. John "spanky" Stokes has been one of the, if not THE biggest supporter of mine....only rived by my Mother. Haha. It's a great review, and he runs a great site. Please swing by that way after you're done here, and check out other awesome reviews.

I first met Richard Fournier aka 
Triplikid at NYCC 2012 where he showed off his brand new resin figure titled "Groper"... and hot damn did it look amazing in person! Well, he sent one over for us to review, and just like the first time we saw it, we fell in love with this little figure all over again. This fierce little monster stands 3.5" inches tall, was designed by Richard, modeled and cast up by the super talented folks over at Mana Studios! Since the inception of this figure there have been a few different iterations or colorways -if you will- that have been released, and Rich sent over the "Concept" edition for us to review! It's a really nicely designed figure and the design, paint, and overall aesthetic is on point. The paint is immaculate, and one thing that stands out is the yellow to white gradation on the teeth... making them eerily real. It started out as rotocast resin, but has now been upgraded to a solid piece... and as you can see in the above video the finished product is very polished... and this particular version is just $65... a great deal!

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After seeing these up close and personal, I would recommend snaggin one of these up asap, and if you head over HERE now, there are multiple options, at all price points for your purchasing pleasure. I personally like the DIY and for those of you with airbrush skills... well, let's just say you will have a field day with all the great texture on this monster! Oh, and if you go now, there still may be a few D-Con limited edition variations available... a cool colorway indeed! I look forward to many more figures from Rich, as his designs are really nice... and how can you not like a little 3-fingered figure that is ready to grope?!?!

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