Triplikid's Groper on "Toy Break"

In this week's episode of Toy Break, they went over a bunch of new toys including our very own Groper!  I had the pleasure of meeting George and Ayleen back in October at NYCC. They were both extremely nice to speak with and I only wish I could have chatted with them longer. They gave us a great review, and touched on so many points that this character was designed around.

A lot of thought went into how this character was constructed. As a CG Animator, my day to day is spent in a 3d world. I wanted to bring that same aesthetic and appeal to my little guy. The Fur, the stance and balance, down to the relief in the mouth and adding dentures as a solution were all things that were carefully discussed and I feel came out perfectly.

Great eye for them to pick up on this stuff, and I am very glad they noticed. It made the entire process that much more rewarding.

Be sure to check out the episode here  TOY BREAK.

**The segment on Groper starts at about 22 minutes in.

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