Custom Groper: Kathleen Voigt

Man! The creativity that people bring to the table NEVER ceases to amaze me. Once again, someone takes the base platform and goes bigger with it. Meet: "Heartsy Fartsy"

From the Artist:
"It's all about Love, Baby!" ...Those are his Words every time, he greets his Friends while making a Hand Heart. He is quite the "special" little Fella, thinks he's a total Bad ass and always stinks up the Short Bus with his Farts. But nobody gets ever mad at him, because he "produces" butt nuggets in the Shape of cute little Hearts. His fucked up crooked Teeth needed some Attention, so he got a pair of Braces and he's showing them off quite proudly!

Definitely a unique take on the Groper Platform, and over here at Triplikid we LOVE it. Check out the pics below!
Be sure to check her other work out at http://www.etsy.com/Shop/SeriouslySillyGirls and give her a follow on twitter at


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